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  • Chat with an expert coach to quickly get answers to your common running questions before you make avoidable mistakes
  • Choose a 30 or 60 minute call – depending on number of topics you’d like to cover and how deeply you want to unpack topics
  • By the end, you’ll feel much better and confident in your approach knowing you’re approaching things the right way!


  • All plans include dynamic warmups, recovery cooldowns, specific workouts, strength exercises, and nutrition recommendations
  • Choose between recommended race distances and/or months of specific preparation
  • Know exactly what to do to prepare to achieve your goals and cross the finish line happy 


  • All plans include dynamic warmups, recovery cooldowns, specific workouts, strength exercises, and nutrition recommendations
  • Know exactly what to do to prepare and how to modify when circumstances change – we’ll be right there with you
  • Choose your ideal amount of communication with your coach so that you can prepare with confidence

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Run Better Success Stories

"Working with Coach Colin from Run Better Academy was amazing! Running is not my first sport but I had a goal to run a marathon with these two goals in mind: show up without injury and finish. Colin helped me do BOTH of those. By providing a training plan that fit into my busy life as a working mom.
So thankful for his coaching and guidance!"
Courtney B. (1st-time marathoner)
South Bend, IN
"I got my coaching plan from my wife after getting injured training for my half marathon. I trained with Coach Colin and not only did I overcome my injury and run pain free, I also crushed my marathon time! Thank you so much because my Run Better Academy program was the BEST GIFT EVER!"
Steven S. (1st-time marathoner)
Pittsburgh, PA
"I can definitely tell there is progress. I can run both loops of my trail with my two kids (major win), I can run straight for 20 minutes on the treadmill (perfect lunchtime workout) and I actually don't dread going for a run anymore (total win!!). I'm pretty happy with the progress you've helped me achieve!
Thanks Run Better Academy!"
Liz R. (new runner)
Winston-Salem, NC
"Coach Matt was awesome! His plan helped me PR in Chicago with 20 mins faster than NYC Marathon a year prior! Thank you so much Matt for your awesome communication and encouragement!"
Courtney R. (marathoner)
Holly Springs, NC
"Run Better Academy took the time to speak with me when I was training for the 2018 Chicago Marathon using an old plan that I was not particularly excited about. After hearing about my frustrating injury history and how things were going, Coach Matt made a couple of suggestions (before I even committed to Run Better Academy) to help get me to Chicago healthy. After that phone call I was energized from the new approach to my training and followed it to a new PR at my 6th marathon! Fast forward to present day, I am being coached by Matt and enjoying the plan. The cross-training, the attached videos that explain method behind the madness of certain paces, the app and the feedback that I get and feeling stronger every day. As a run nerd myself, I know I've selected the right coach and program!"
Mark L. (marathoner)
Alexandria, VA
"Matt was a wonderful coach and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience training for my 1st marathon with him! He was always very positive and I looked forward to the workouts that he wrote for me. The fact that he's a physical therapist was icing on the cake since I tore my hamstring early in my training. We modified my workouts as needed and he also had great run-specific exercise videos in the program as well. I felt really prepared for my 1st marathon and had no problem finishing (although digestive issues prevented me from hitting my time goal). I highly recommend Matt and his Run Better Academy Team to help you train for your next event! I will definitely plan to work with them again 🙂 "
Victoria L. (1st-time marathoner)
San Ramon, CA
Questions? Please contact us at: coaches@runbetteracademy.com